Software Engineer - Frontend [Neo-Bank.com]

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What you’ll be doing 👀

Software Engineer (React Native) is a smart and detail-oriented frontend developer who has worked on and launched multiple mobile applications to Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

A software engineer should have a thorough experience of building mobile apps in React Native for both Android and iOS platforms. They must be design and product-focused and should be able to work very closely with backend engineers to build high-quality and high-performance user interfaces.

The Software Engineer (React Native) reports to the Tech Lead / Engineering Manager.

Responsible for:

  • Building high-quality mobile applications.
  • Understanding key product and design requirements and estimating effort and timelines.
  • Deconstruct frontend architecture from design specifications, build components, screens, navigation, and interactions.
  • Building user interfaces in React Native and testing them for functional and visual quality.
  • Building interactions and animations in React Native wherever the requirements suggest.
  • Integrating user interfaces with backend APIs and complete functional product delivery.
  • Working closely with engineering and product teams to achieve great product craftsmanship.
  • Taking note of the performance and latency aspects of App Performance and being able to improve that.
  • Delivering high-quality and high-performing code in committed timelines to product teams.
  • Training and mentoring fellow team members with respect to frontend development.
  • Writing unit test cases and integration test cases for all functional and behavioral aspects of the product implementation.


  • At least 4 years of experience in building mobile applications in React Native (v0.62+).
  • High proficiency in Javascript (ES7), Babel, Webpack, Redux, API integration with Axios.
  • Be very well-versed in the React Native ecosystem and be aware of the best practices and standards.
  • Excellent communication and English language writing and verbal communication skills.
  • High attention to detail with respect to design fidelity and product implementation.
  • Writing unit test cases in Jest for product deliverables.
  • Estimating, building, testing, and delivering the app builds in committed and agreed-upon timelines.
  • Well-versed with the Agile Scrum methodology of software development.
  • Should have past experience in launching mobile apps on the Play Store and App Store.
  • Should be a process and outcome-oriented, self-motivated engineer with a “get-it-done” attitude and should require minimal supervision and assistance.
  • Should be aware of platform-level nuances between Android and iOS builds and be able to accommodate for that in code.
  • Excellent test-case and developer task breakdown documentation skills.
  • Excellent abilities to coordinate with the team and estimate delivery timelines.

Key skills:

React Native, React.js, Jest, Redux, Requirements gathering, product understanding, unit test case planning, frontend solution design, Javascript (ES7), Babel, Webpack, Axios, promises, async programming, high-fidelity user interface engineering.

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