Work @ Atlantis

Work @ Atlantis

ATLANTIS is a financial technology company dedicated to building Credit, Data, and Infrastructure for consumers and small business owners in India and South-East Asia.  Atlantis is committed to empower, enable opportunity creation and advance the financial well-being of our community through transparent and responsible product offerings.

We are headquartered in Singapore, with operating & engineering offices in Bengaluru, India. The founding team of Atlantis comprises serial entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals with solid operating experience in all functional areas of building large technology and financial services ventures. The core team has come together from a diverse set of backgrounds to make financial services more meaningful, honest, and inclusive.


Mission: Atlantis is committed to empower, create opportunities, and advance the financial freedom of our community through transparent and responsible product offerings.

Do you love building simple but amazing products that help people live a better financial life?  We’re looking for outstanding team members to define the future of financial services and work with us on building it today.


Our focus markets are India and Southeast Asia. At Atlantis, we will operate along the axis of Credit, Data, Infra and Banking for consumers & SMBs.

What kind of people are we looking for? 🙋‍♀️

We are a lean, high-performing team of builders, and entrepreneurs and we’re looking for people cut from a similar cloth. While we value first principles and an eye for data, our interest is in people who are hungry for knowledge, are excellent in expressing ideas in writing, and have a passion for solving problems. Our culture is still a work in progress, and we’d love for you to come help us build it.

At present, We are focused on building three key products for India and SeAsia:

  • Yodaa: A smart money app that empowers teens by offering a personal card and a powerful app to spend, save, manage expenses, and learn about personal finance.

  • Neo-Bank: Neo is a digital bank for modern life.

  • BizFirst [Singapore]: BizFirst is building a unique ecosystem of products and services for the Small and Medium-size Businesses (SMBs) of Southeast Asia.


Useful Links :

Table Stakes:

  • First off, you’re here to win. Do not apply for these jobs if you’re not prepared to be challenged to be your best. We have high expectations of ourselves and of our team members. We commit to helping you achieve your best work in a supportive, growth-oriented environment. This works best if you show up genuinely eager for this journey together.
  • All roles at the company will have a good deal of autonomy. We’re a remote-first team and have designed our culture for a balance of synchronous and asynchronous work with people operating from all over the world at any given time. We expect you to be a responsible adult who is driven and enjoys hitting (and exceeding) goals set for them. We commit to equipping you with the tools and resources you need to be successful along the way. It’s then your job to make it so.
  • We value a healthy work-life integration and want to proactively acknowledge that there will be last-minute demands that will require your flexibility. We are, after all, still a very young company with some seriously big goals. We’ll do our best to keep reasonable boundaries and, when those inevitable moments of unexpected asks arrive, we promise to express gratitude and find balance in other ways.
  • We are committed to hiring a diverse team and building an inclusive, equitable culture.
  • We encourage anyone to apply that may be interested, even if you feel you don’t meet 100% of the qualifications above. We’d like to account for the fact that we may have overlooked, under-counted, or over-indexed on some of these requirements.
  • That’s it. We don’t care where you went to college—or even if you did. It doesn’t matter who you know. We care about what you can do to help us achieve outsized returns and maintain our values along the way.

Please also:

  • have a genuine passion for problem-solving
  • be service-orientated and compassionate
  • possess excellent, inclusive communication skills
  • be aware that humility and confidence do not have to be mutually exclusive
  • choose to bring your unique perspective to conversations
  • know that your experience and worldview matter
  • don’t be an asshole

Benefits :

We want everyone on our team to be able to do their best work. Apart from industry-standard pay, here are some things you can expect:

  • High Growth, Demanding, and Extreme Ownership Culture.
  • MacBook/Laptop of your choice
  • Health & Accident Insurance Coverage
  • Inclusion in our Employee Stock Option Plan [ESOP]
  • Freedom to Work From Home/Remotely [Role specific]
  • Workspace Budget - Setup a flexible and comfortable space at home
  • Learning Budgets - We love to support our employees’ efforts to learn, grow, and improve

If you got to this point, we hope you're feeling excited about the job description(s) you’ve just read. Even if you don't feel that you meet every single requirement, we still encourage you to apply. We're eager to meet people that believe in Atlantis's mission and can contribute to our team in a variety of ways – not just candidates who check all the boxes.

At ATLANTIS, we believe in a world that is free of gender, racial and religious biases and is why diversity and inclusion are vital to our priorities as an equal opportunity employer.

Email your cover letter and resume to

Apply using the Job-specific Airtable link in the job descriptions.

Open Positions 👇

🔥 V.P: Product Engineering & Delivery

Head of Marketing & Distribution

⚖️ VP - Compliances

💼 Chief of Staff

😀 Chief People officer

Graphic Designer
Content Marketing Associate
Customer Success Executive
Atlantis Growth Associate Program (AGAP)

Chief Growth Officer
Manager: Product Marketing and Growth []
Lead: Performance Marketing []
Software Engineer - Backend
Software Engineer - Frontend

💻 Software Engineer - DevOps

📈 Manager: Product Marketing

🤝 Director: Partnerships & BD

General Manager - India []

💼 General Manager - Singapore

🤝 Sr Manager: Partnerships & BD

📈 Manager: Product Marketing

Chief Operating Officer - India (

📈 Manager: Product Marketing

🖥️ Engineering Manager

Software Engineer - Frontend []
Software Engineer - Backend []

💻 Software Engineer - DevOps

🎨 Product Designer

⚙️ Manager - Operations

Blue Sky Projects

Graphic Designer - [illustrations]